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Durham Geo TR-975 SRX-II 4in Remediation Pump Bottom Loading

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TR-975 SRX-2 Remediation Pump 4" Bottom Loading (3.5-inch OD - 46.2-inch length) | DGSI Slope Indicator Submersible Pumps

The SRX is an air-powered pump used to extract ground water or total fluids at variable rates equal to the well recharge rates.

  • The SRX is available in a 1.75in OD or 3.5in OD for use in 2” and 4” wells.
  • Pump flow rates are up to 9.5 gpm.
  • The SRX pump is available in top loading for recovering total fluids or bottom loading for dissolved phase and higher pumping rates.
  • Top-loading pumps (SRX-R TL) are selected for pumping total fluids (LNAPL and ground water simultaneously). Water table drawdown will be maintained at a level corresponding to the top inlet of the pump. Pumps of shorter lengths are available for lower drawdown requirements
  • Bottom-loading pumps (SRX-R BL) are selected for dissolved phase or DNAPL applications. When installing the pump, the head is positioned at a depth of approximately 10 inches higher than the desired water table depression.

Better Value

  • More Uptime:
    • Reliable
    • Simple Routine Maintenance
  • Competitive Price
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Pump
  • Fewer Parts


  • Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration.
  • Complete field disassembly with only one wrench.
  • Constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel, brass, Buna-N®, Nylon® and Viton®.
  • Durable Ebonite float.
  • Light weight.


Applications for SRX Remediation Pumps include

  • Pneumatic pumps for use in 2-inch and larger-diameter wells up to 200 ft.
  • Pneumatic pump for extracting groundwater or total fluids in both top-loading or bottom-loading environments.



  • Stainless steel, Type 304: Pump body, discharge tube
  • Stainless steel, Type 303: Pump head, bottom intake valve,
  • assembly control rod, control linkage assembly
  • Brass: Hose and tubing barbs
  • Hydlar (Nylon/Kevlar® composite): Control rod bushing
  • Nylon®: Discharge and top-loading check valve ball
  • Buna-N®: Botton intake check valve ball
  • Viton®: O-ring seals, air inlet ball valve
  • Ebonite (expanded Buna-N®): Float
  • Neodymium Iron: Magnets
  • Red brass: Top intake casting

Selection Table For SRX Remediation Pumps

Part Number & Model1 | Nominal Size | Pump OD | Pump Length | Volume per Cycle2 | Min. Submergence (in) | Pump Weight (lb) | Max. Flow Rate3 (gpm) | Air Valve Filtration

  • TR-974 SRX-R TS (short) 4.0” | 3.5” | 39.0” | 0.2gal | 39.0” | 16.6lb | 5.5gpm | Yes
  • TR-975 SRX-R BL 4.0” | 3.5” | 46.2” | 0.4gal | 29.1” | 16.7lb | 9.5gpm | Yes
  • TR-976 SRX-R TL 4.0” | 3.5” | 44.5” | 0.4gal | 44.5” | 18.0lb | 7.6gpm | Yes
  • TR-977 SRX-R BL 2.0” | 1.75” | 44.0” | 0.12gal | 29.3” | 4.0lb | 2.9gpm | Yes*
  • TR-978 SRX-R TL 2.0” | 1.75” | 43.5” | 0.12gal | 43.5” | 4.2lb | 1.8gpm | Yes*

1 SRX-R TS = top-loading, short, SRX-R BL = bottom-loading, SRX-R TL = top-loading.
2 Volume (US gal) per pump cycle will vary slightly depending on air pressure supplied to pump, depth of well, etc.
3 Maximum flow rates can vary due to air pressure supplied to pump, depth of well, etc. For assistance, contact DGSI.
* SRX-R inlet filter only.


 Durham Geo TR-975 SRX-II 4in Remediation Pump Bottom Loading

Durham Geo TR-975 SRX-II 4in Remediation Pump Bottom Loading