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Duckbill Napping Shears

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The BON TOOL 78-190 DUCKBILL NAPPING SHEARS is a reliable and high-quality tool that offers precision control and ease of use for trimming carpet tufts. This product is made using forged and plated steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and strength. The handles are designed with offset vinyl covers and small one-inch loops, providing the user with exceptional precision and control over their cutting. The vinyl coating ensures a comfortable grip, even during prolonged use.

One of the key features of the BON TOOL 78-190 DUCKBILL NAPPING SHEARS is its ability to position parallel to the floor with ease. This makes it incredibly easy to trim carpet tufts or areas with precision, without having to worry about accidentally cutting too much. Additionally, the overall length of the shears is six inches, making them easy to handle and use, even in tight spaces.

The model 190 shears are designed for professional use and offer exceptional performance for individuals who want a reliable tool that can handle their day-to-day needs. The BON TOOL 78-190 DUCKBILL NAPPING SHEARS are an ideal choice for carpet installers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts who want to ensure that their projects are completed with a high level of precision and quality.

In summary, the BON TOOL 78-190 DUCKBILL NAPPING SHEARS are a top-quality product that offer precision control, ease of use, comfort, and long-lasting durability. They are an essential tool for anyone who wants to trim carpet tufts with confidence and ease and are designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
 Bon Tool 78-190 Duckbill Napping Shears

Duckbill Napping Shears