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Dropper bottle, assembled, ldpe, 30ml

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Unlike traditional glass dropper bottles, this United Scientific PDB030 Dropper bottle is built using top-quality low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The 30ml bottle has a translucent color that enables you to view the contents quickly.

Perfect for use in labs, medical facilities, or in homes, this bottle is ideal for storing, dispensing, and measuring small amounts of liquids, chemicals, and solutions. It comes pre-assembled with a dropper that allows for accurate dispensing of liquids. However, the bottle can be used without the dropper as well.

With a secure grip, you can easily hold the bottle and dispense liquids with control. The dropper's tip is narrow, which eliminates the risk of over-pouring and ensures accurate measurement. The dropper's mechanism is leak-proof, making this bottle a safe and reliable choice for your fluid dispensing needs.

The United Scientific PDB030 Dropper Bottle is a perfect addition to any laboratory, classroom, or workshop. It is suitable for storing and dispensing essential oils, food coloring, fragrances, and other types of liquids and solutions. Its compact size allows it to fit in any size of a shelf, and the translucent bottle makes it easy to monitor the fluid levels.

This dropper bottle comes in a package of 144, making it a cost-effective option for workplaces that require several dropper bottles for daily use. So, whether you are running a lab or are a DIY enthusiast, the United Scientific PDB030 Dropper Bottle is an excellent choice for dispensing and measuring fluids accurately and conveniently.
 United Scientific PDB030 Dropper bottle, assembled, ldpe, 30ml

Dropper bottle, assembled, ldpe, 30ml