Drilled brass ball, 19mm diameter

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The United Scientific PNBB19 Drilled Brass Ball is a must-have for anyone looking to conduct impact and collision experiments or use pendulum bobs. With a diameter of 19mm, these drilled balls are a perfect size for a variety of different uses.

The 3mm countersunk holes in each ball allow for pendulum cord knots to be recessed, making it easy to use them as pendulum bobs. This feature also makes the balls suitable for use in a range of other experiments where protruding knots or cords could present a hazard or interfere with the results.

In addition to their practical applications, these drilled brass balls are also incredibly durable, ensuring that they will last for many experiments to come. They come in a pack of 12, making them a great option for schools, laboratories, or anyone else conducting frequent experiments.

Please note that the PNBB19 Drilled Brass Ball comes with warnings about cancer and reproductive harm. These warnings can be found at and should be taken seriously by anyone using this product.

Overall, the United Scientific PNBB19 Drilled Brass Ball is an essential tool for anyone working in science or engineering. Whether you're conducting experiments for research or educational purposes, these durable balls will provide the accuracy and precision you need to get the results you're looking for.


 United Scientific PNBB19 Drilled brass ball, 19mm diameter

Drilled brass ball, 19mm diameter