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Double Chamber Germinator 220V, 60Hz

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Seedburo Stainless Steel Single or Double Chamber Germinators

Seedburo Models D7440 (double chamber) and S6920 (single chamber) are classic style Germinators and provide consistent reproducible environmental conditions.

The touchscreen allows user to control almost any combination of temperature, light intensity, humidity and time options, with greater accuracy than typical electromechanically controlled units.


  • Single Set Points On Controls
  • 1º C Temperature Controllers
  • Removable Tray Racks
  • Recessed Reservoir Drain
  • Independent Mode Selection
  • Total Air Circulation
  • Rodent Resistant Design

Heliarc welded tubular steel base forms the foundation for the 304 type nickel bearing stainless steel chamber and cabinet. To preserve the controlled interior testing environment and prevent exterior condensation, high-density foam insulates the entire cabinet. Non-conductive materials separate the interior chamber from the exterior, and the doors are fully gasketed. Stainless steel trays lift out for easy cleaning. Recessed reservoir drain, with convenient drain hose, is easily accessible and a screened based prevents rodent infestation. Units are completely mobile on large 5" heavy-duty casters.

Heat/Refrigeration Systems
Level, constant heat is continually maintained through a water media, by specially designed high purity magnesium oxide and helically wound nickel-chrome wire heating elements. Elements are totally enclosed for efficient heat transfer and operator safety. Uniform refrigeration is maintained through the use of a 1/4 HP (F-12) air-cooled, high torque, hermetically sealed condensing unit. High quality cooling system components include: efficient fan circulation evaporator coil with thermal expansion valve, moisture-liquid indicator, filter drier, heat exchanger, and pressure control valve. All refrigerant lines are copper and fully insulated. Double Chamber Models allow for cooling in only one chamber at a time.

Air-Humidity Circulation
Unique forced air circulation design maintains an even, continuous, moist airflow throughout the cabinet. Perforated trays further enhance even humidity distribution to testing samples. Self-contained stainless steel water reservoir in each chamber assures a relative humidity of 90%. Temperature variation between trays is ±1º C, top to bottom.

On/Off Main Power Switch (per side on dual unit), Programmable Touch Screen, with Large Full Color Display for Programming, Humidity, Temperature, Test and Cycle Time Remaining, Time of Day, Test Duration, Run/Program Auto/Manual Modes (F°/C°), Real Time Clock, Data Download Function, Test Cycles, Heat/Cool and Light/Dark, Relative Humidity, Light Level, USB Interface for Data Download and Software Updates. 


  • Adjustable Range: 0°C–56°C (32°F–132°F). Precision 1-degree increments ±0.6°C (1.8°F), uniformity ±6°F
  • Temperature Sensor Sensitivity: +0.5°C (1°F) or better
  • Compressor 1/3HP Refrigerant R404


  • Light is an on/off function with two white LED strips (~700 lumens each) full length rear mounted to ensure full light coverage throughout interior
  • Total 1400 Lumens
  • 6500°K wavelength (daylight equivalent)
  • Interior highly reflective stainless steel surfaces for greater light spread

Interior Capacity

  • S6920 Models, 9.95 cu. ft. 23.5" (D) x 22.5" (W) x 32.5" (H) (Chamber size)
  • D7740 Models, 19.9 cu. ft. 23.5" (D) x 22.5" (W) x 32.5" (H) (Per Chamber)


  • D77440 Models includes 20 Perforated Aluminum Trays (10 per chamber) on 3" spacing (7.62cm), can hold 40. Tray size measures 17" x 19".
  • S6920 Models includes 10 Perforated Aluminum Trays on 3" spacing (7.62cm), can hold 20. Tray size measures 17" x 19".

(Additional trays can be ordered to increase capacity)


  • S6920: Net wt: 340 lbs, Actual dims (with casters): 28.4" (D) x 28.6" (W) x 64.6" (H), Ship wt (crated): 670 lbs, Ship dims: 33" x (L) 33" x (W) x 74 (H).
  • D7440: Net wt: 512 lbs, Actual dims (with casters): 28.4" (D) x 56.2" (W) x 64.6" (H), Ship wt (crated): 945 lbs, Ship dims: 37" (L) x 63" (W) x 80" (H).

Single Chamber S Models:

  • S6920/E: 230 Volt, 60Hz, Seed Germinator, Single Door 10 Trays
  • S6920/B: 110 Volt, 60hz, Single Chamber Germinator, Fully Automatic
  • S6920/C: 230 Volt, 50hz, Single Chamber Germinator, Fully Automatic

Double Chamber D Models :

  • D7440/E: 230 Volt, 60Hz, Seed Germinator, Double Door 20 Trays 
  • D7440/B: 110 Volt, 60hz, Double Chamber Germinator, Fully Automatic
  • D7440/C: 230 Volt, 50hz, Double Chamber Germinator, Fully Automatic

Note: domestic/export crating must be selected with above S and D models:

  • S6/DOM: Domestic Crating For "S" Series Germinator
  • S6/EX: Export Crating For "S" Series Germinator
  • D7/DOM: Domestic Crating Double Chamber Model
  • D7/EX: Export Crating Double Chamber Model

S Model Accessories

  • SPHANDLE: Push Handles (2) For Single Chamber
  • SFPBUMPER: Full Perimeter Bumper For Single Chamber
  • SLDOOR: Locking Door W/Keys For Single Chamber
  • SLPCOVER: Clear Lock Control Panel Cover For Single Chamber
  • SXTRAY: Extra 19in x 17in Trays For S Series Germinators
  • STSLIDE: Extra Pair Of Tray Slides For Single Chamber Germinator

D Model Accessories

  • DPHANDLE: Push Handles (Set Of 2) For Dual Chamber Germinator
  • DFPBUMPER: Full Perimeter Bumper For Dual Chamber
  • DLDOOR: Locking Doors W/Keys For Dual Chamber
  • DLPCOVER: Clear Lock Control Panel Cover For Dual Chamber
  • DXTRAY: Extra 19in x 17in Trays For "D" Series Germinators
  • DTSLIDE: Extra Pair Of Tray Slides For Double Chamber Germinator



 Seedburo D7440/E Double Chamber Germinator 220V, 60Hz

Double Chamber Germinator 220V, 60Hz

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