Distilling flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml (pk of 6)

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United Scientific FG4620-1000 Distilling Flask is a high-quality laboratory glassware designed for efficient and accurate distillation procedures. This flask is made from low-expansion borosilicate glass which has uniform wall thickness, providing superior mechanical strength and shock resistance. With a capacity of 1000ml per flask, this product comes in a pack of six to cater for your laboratory needs.

The long side arm of this distilling flask is ideal for distillation and fractional distillation procedures. With its superior quality, you are guaranteed accurate and safe reactions, ensuring that your experiments and research procedures are successful. The flask features large white block letters that make it easy to identify the capacity of the flask at a glance, saving you time when working on multiple experiments.

This product is a must-have for any laboratory. Its convenient size and durable material make it the perfect option for various laboratory applications such as preparing solutions and conducting distillation procedures. You can trust in the quality of this product to help you deliver reliable and accurate scientific results.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the United Scientific FG4620-1000 Distilling Flask is also incredibly easy to use. The uniform wall thickness and superior mechanical strength make it easy to handle and use. The flask is also easy to clean, ensuring low maintenance and longevity.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality distilling flask that delivers superior performance and accuracy, then the United Scientific FG4620-1000 Distilling Flask is the perfect product for you. Its precise design and superior quality make it an indispensable tool in any laboratory setting.


 United Scientific FG4620-1000 Distilling flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml (pk of 6)

Distilling flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml (pk of 6)