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Dickey-John Moisture Tester Replacement Standard Drawer

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GAC2500 and GAC2100 Dickey-John Moisture Tester Printer & Accessories

Printers, printer ribbons and replacement parts for the GAC2500 and GAC2100 series Dickey-john Moisture Testers.


  • GAC-P25: GAC2500UGMA Printer With Interface Cable 110/220V 50/60hz
  • GAC-PR: Printer Ribbon For GAC-P Printer (Star Printer)
  • GAC2500-CABLE: Replacement Printer Interface Cable For GAC2500UGMA
  • GAC-25DRAWER: Replacement Standard Drawer For GAC2500 Moisture Tester
  • GAC-25FT: Optional Flow Thru Drawer For GAC2500 Moisture Tester

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Ensure that your GAC2500 and GAC2100 series Dickey-john Moisture Testers are working at their best with the Replacement Standard Drawer. This drawer is a crucial component for accurate moisture testing, allowing you to achieve precise results with every use.

The Replacement Standard Drawer is designed specifically for use with the GAC2500 Moisture Tester, providing a seamless fit and ensuring optimal performance. Made with high-quality materials, this drawer is durable and built to last, saving you time and money on frequent replacements.

In addition to the Replacement Standard Drawer, we also offer a range of other accessories for your moisture tester, including printers, printer ribbons, and replacement parts. Whether you need to replace a worn-out printer ribbon or upgrade to an optional flow thru drawer, we have everything you need to keep your moisture tester running smoothly.

Visit our blog for helpful articles on moisture testers, grain quality, and more. Learn about the top moisture testers on the market, understand the importance of test weight in grain, and find the best moisture tester for your specific needs. With our informative blog posts, you can make informed decisions about your farming equipment and ensure accurate results every time.

Don't let a malfunctioning moisture tester slow you down. Invest in quality replacement parts like the Replacement Standard Drawer and keep your GAC2500 or GAC2100 Dickey-john Moisture Tester in top condition. Trust in Dickey-john for reliable performance and precise results.
 Seedburo GAC-25DRAWER Dickey-John Moisture Tester GAC2500 Replacement Standard Drawer

Dickey-John Moisture Tester Replacement Standard Drawer