Diamond crystal model

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The United Scientific CMSDMD Diamond Crystal Model is an extraordinary model that showcases the ball-and-spoke structural form of carbon. This model consists of a permanent mount of an amazing diamond crystal structure on a clear acrylic base, forming a triangular shape. The model includes 30 high-quality balls, each with a diameter of 22mm that offers an excellent visual representation of the diamond crystal model.

The diamond crystal model is not only visually stimulating but is also an excellent educational tool. The model is an ideal tool for students, teachers, laboratory technicians, chemists, and researchers. It is perfect for learning about the molecular structure of carbon, teaching organic chemistry or geology, or showcasing unique models in a business setting.

The dimensions of the United Scientific CMSDMD Diamond Crystal Model are impressive and stick out with a height of 20.5cm. The base side measures 25.5cm, providing a solid foundation. The model is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can be used for years to come.

While using this model, it is essential to note that it comes with a warning for possible cancer and reproductive harm. Therefore, it is crucial that users follow vital safety procedures when handling the model to protect themselves and others.

In conclusion, the United Scientific CMSDMD Diamond Crystal Model is an exceptional product for individuals looking to learn about molecular structures, organic chemistry, or geology. It is visually stimulating and highly detailed within its 30 balls, leaving a flawless visual representation of the diamond crystal model. It is perfect for educational, business, and research environments that require innovative models with unique designs that stand the test of time.


 United Scientific CMSDMD Diamond crystal model

Diamond crystal model