Desiccator, non-vacuum, white base, pp/pc, 12"

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The United Scientific 55208 Desiccator is a high-quality drying instrument that is perfect for storing and protecting moisture-sensitive items such as chemicals, electronics, and other laboratory equipment. This non-vacuum desiccator has a white base made of polypropylene (PP) that offers excellent chemical resistance and durability. The top dome is molded in rigid and transparent polycarbonate (PC) that provides a clear view of the sample and allows for easy handling of the dome with the knurled knob on top.

These autoclavable desiccators are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, making them ideal for high-heat applications. The lower part is made of PP and features an internal groove on the flange that holds the silicon rubber O-ring. Vacuum grease should be applied on the flanges to make it air-tight and prevent any air leakage.

With a size of 12 inches (300mm), this desiccator offers ample space for storing and drying a wide range of items. The flange O.D./I.D. measures 340/300mm, while the plate O.D. is 295mm. The overall height of the desiccator is 405mm with a maximum clearance above plate of 255mm, providing sufficient space for storing taller samples.

This durable and reliable desiccator is available in a pack of one, making it a great value for laboratory professionals who require a reliable drying instrument. The United Scientific 55208 Desiccator is a versatile and efficient solution for any laboratory that requires high-quality drying and storage of moisture-sensitive materials.


 United Scientific 55208 Desiccator, non-vacuum, white base, pp/pc, 12" (1 each)

Desiccator, non-vacuum, white base, pp/pc, 12"