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Deluxe EZ-Clean Plastic Slump Test Set

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Deluxe EZ-Clean Plastic Slump Test Set

Deluxe EZ-Clean Slump Test Set is a complete kit that in addition to a spun steel or plastic Slump Cone, high-density polyethylene Base Plate, and a 5/8x24in (16x610mm) stainless steel tamping rod, contains a TSA-189 58oz (1,715ml) Aluminum Round Bottom Sample Scoop, HM-53 Slump Cone Filling Funnel, TSA-279 12ft (3.6m) Measuring Tape, and TSA-232 8in (203mm) Scrub Brush. The plastic base plate is easy to clean, and the set meets ASTM and AASHTO standards.

Deluxe EZ-Clean Slump Test Set comes with a Plastic Slump Cone.


  • Has all components and accessories needed for slump testing
  • Slump cone easily secures to the base
  • Easy to transport
  • Meets required standards

Included Items:

  • Deluxe EZ-Clean Slump Test Set, Plastic or Steel
  • 58oz Aluminum Round Bottom Sample Scoop
  • Slump Cone Filling Funnel
  • 12ft Measuring Tape
  • 8in Scrub Brush

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 143
BS 1881

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Deluxe EZ-Clean Plastic Slump Test Set

Deluxe EZ-Clean Plastic Slump Test Set