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Delmhorst Moisture Detector Gypsum Soil Block With 6Ft Lead Wire

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Soil Moisture Meters

Our Soil Moisture Meter and Gypsum Blocks accurately indicate the soil moisture available to your plants. This system eliminates guesswork so that irrigation can be effectively scheduled according to the plants requirements.

The KSD1 is a rugged instrument that incorporates transistorized circuitry for long battery life and reliability.

Operates on a single 9 Volt battery (included).

Blocks are made of gypsum, cast around two concentric, stainless steel electrodes.

Tester is provided with carrying case.

Net wt.12 oz. Actual Dims. 2¾" W X 5½"H X 1½"D. Ship wt 1 lb.

Models and Parts

  • KSD1: Soil Moisture Detector With Case
  • GB1: Gypsum Soil Blocks With 6Ft Lead Wires
  • GB2: Gypsum Soil Blocks With 25Ft Lead Wires
  • GB3: Gypsum Soil Blocks With 50Ft Lead Wires

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The Delmhorst Moisture Detector Gypsum Soil Block with 6Ft Lead Wire is an essential tool for any gardener, farmer, or landscaper looking to accurately measure soil moisture levels. Say goodbye to guesswork and unreliable methods - with our Soil Moisture Meter and Gypsum Blocks, you can confidently determine the moisture available to your plants and adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly.

The KSD1 Soil Moisture Detector is built to last, with rugged construction and transistorized circuitry for long battery life and dependable performance. It operates on a single 9 Volt battery, which is included with your purchase for added convenience. The Gypsum Soil Blocks are made with precision, casting around two concentric stainless steel electrodes to ensure accurate readings every time.

This moisture detector is easy to use and comes with a carrying case for portability and protection. With a net weight of 12 oz and dimensions of 2¾" W x 5½"H x 1½"D, it's a compact and practical tool for any gardening or farming operation. Choose from our range of models and parts to suit your specific needs, including the KSD1 Soil Moisture Detector with Case, the GB1 Gypsum Soil Blocks with 6Ft Lead Wires, GB2 with 25Ft Lead Wires, and GB3 with 50Ft Lead Wires.

Invest in the Delmhorst Moisture Detector Gypsum Soil Block with 6Ft Lead Wire and take the guesswork out of soil moisture measurement. Ensure your plants are getting the right amount of water they need for healthy growth and thriving gardens.

 Seedburo GB1 Delmhorst Moisture Detector Gypsum Soil Block With 6Ft Lead Wire

Delmhorst Moisture Detector Gypsum Soil Block With 6Ft Lead Wire