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Delmhorst Digital Electronic Thermometer System

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Digital Electronic Thermometers

This dual range digital thermometer measures temperature from -40° to 300°F or -40° to 150°C.

The TM100 is ideal for penetrating samples in bins, trucks or any receiving vessel.

Unit features semiconductor technology housed in a sturdy ABS plastic case, 3½" LED readout, low battery indicator and membrane switches with positive tactile feel.

Actual dims (meter) 2¾" L x 1¾" W x 4¾" H. Ship wt 6 lbs. Ship dims 45" L x 7" W x 7" H.

The TM100 comes complete with:

  • one TM100 meter
  • one TS-107 Sensor
  • one SH44 Handle
  • three PE22 3-ft. extensions and 9V battery
  • carrying case.

Models and Parts

TM100: Digital Thermometer Complete 
PE22: Extra 3 Foot Extension
SH44: Extra Handle 
TS107: Extra Sensor, 31/2" Aluminum with Stainless Steel Tip (for Solids)
TS102: Optional Sensor, 5" Stainless Steel Tip (for Liquids)
324CAS-0085: Carrying Case for TM100

The Delmhorst Digital Electronic Thermometer System is the perfect tool for accurately measuring temperature in a wide range of applications. With a dual range capable of measuring temperature from -40° to 300°F or -40° to 150°C, this thermometer system is versatile and reliable.

Crafted with semiconductor technology housed in a durable ABS plastic case, the TM100 thermometer features a 3½" LED readout, low battery indicator, and membrane switches with a positive tactile feel for ease of use. The compact design of the unit, measuring 2¾" L x 1¾" W x 4¾" H, makes it convenient to use in various settings.

Whether you need to take temperature readings in bins, trucks, or any receiving vessel, the TM100 is the ideal tool for the job. This system comes complete with the TM100 meter, TS-107 Sensor, SH44 Handle, three PE22 3-ft. extensions, and a 9V battery, all neatly packed in a carrying case for easy transport and storage.

For added flexibility, additional parts such as extra 3-foot extensions, handles, and sensors are available for purchase separately. The optional TS102 sensor with a 5" stainless steel tip is perfect for measuring temperature in liquids, while the TS107 sensor with a 3½" aluminum tip is ideal for solids.

Trust the Delmhorst Digital Electronic Thermometer System for accurate temperature measurements in various industrial and commercial settings. Order yours today and experience the convenience and reliability of this high-quality thermometer system.

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 Seedburo TM100 Delmhorst Digital Electronic Thermometer System

Delmhorst Digital Electronic Thermometer System