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Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2 x 2in

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Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2in x 2in

The Cube Mold, 2"x2", Stainless Steel, is accurately machined for casting 2in (51mm) cubes in diagonal position. Wing nuts secure the mold halves to the detachable base plate.

This mold casts cubes in a diagonal arrangement with a detachable stainless steel base plate.  Wing nut clamps lock the mold to the base while stainless thumb screws secure halves tightly together.  Large upper surface strike off area makes this mold a preferred choice.

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 109
ASTM C 141
ASTM C 311
ASTM C 472
ASTM C 579
ASTM C 942

The Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2in x 2in, is a high-quality and reliable tool for accurately casting 2-inch cubes in a diagonal position. This mold is made of durable stainless steel that ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the key features of this mold is its detachable stainless steel base plate. This allows for easy removal of the cast cubes without any hassle or damage. The wing nut clamps securely lock the mold to the base plate, providing stability and preventing any shifting or movement during the casting process.

For added convenience, the Cube Mold is equipped with stainless thumb screws that tightly secure the mold halves together. This ensures that the cubes are formed with precision and consistency, eliminating the risk of any imperfections or inaccuracies.

The large upper surface strike off area of this mold is another standout feature. It provides ample space for striking off excess concrete, allowing for a smooth and even surface finish. This makes the Cube Mold a preferred choice among professionals in the field.

In terms of performance, this mold meets various test methods including AASHTO T106, ASTM C 109, ASTM C 141, ASTM C 311, ASTM C 472, ASTM C 579, ASTM C 87, ASTM C 91, and ASTM C 942. These certifications ensure that the cubes cast using this mold adhere to strict industry standards and can be relied upon for accurate and consistent results.

With its robust construction, user-friendly design, and adherence to industry standards, the Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2in x 2in, is a must-have tool for any professional involved in concrete testing and analysis. It offers durability, efficiency, and precision, making it an essential component of any concrete testing laboratory or construction site.

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Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2in x 2in

Cube Mold, Stainless Steel, 2 x 2in