Cryo vial, internal thread, 4.5ml star base (pk of 250)

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The United Scientific P60112 Cryo Vial is the perfect solution for storing samples in extremely low temperatures. Designed to withstand temperatures as low as -196 degree C, these vials are perfect for laboratories that need to store their samples for prolonged periods of time.

Pyrogen-free, DNase-free, and RNase-free, this vial is designed to maintain the integrity of the samples stored within. The polypropylene vial includes a cap embedded with a non-toxic silicone O-ring, ensuring a secure seal. It also comes with a white frosted labeling area and silk screen graduations, making it easy to identify and track stored samples.

Both star base and round base vials come with an internal U-shaped bottom, while the star base vial is self-standing and designed for one-handed use with a support rack. This makes handling the vials convenient and hassle-free in busy laboratory environments.

These vials are radiation sterilized, ensuring that they remain for long periods without the risk of contamination. With a quantity of 250 vials per pack, this product is perfect for laboratories with high sample volumes.

The United Scientific P60112 Cryo Vial has an outer diameter of 12.3mm and a height of 89mm, making it the ideal size for most laboratory needs. While not recommended for use in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen, it can be used in the vapor phase, making it a versatile and convenient solution for your sample storage needs.

In summary, the United Scientific P60112 Cryo Vial is a reliable and efficient solution for sample storage in laboratories. With its superior design and radiation sterilization, it offers a safe and secure way to store samples at extremely low temperatures. Its self-standing and one-handed use design makes it convenient and easy to handle in busy lab environments. Get your pack of 250 today and experience the convenience and reliability of the United Scientific P60112 Cryo Vial!


 United Scientific P60112 Cryo vial, internal thread, 4.5ml star base (pk of 250)

Cryo vial, internal thread, 4.5ml star base (pk of 250)