Crucibles, glass, 25ml (crucible only)

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The United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles are an essential tool for scientific laboratories that conduct analytical applications that require the ashing of samples. These clear quartz glass crucibles boast low expansion, thermal shock resistance, and dimensional stability, making them the perfect application for high temperature operations in a laboratory setting. With the ability to withstand a continuous operating temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius (1922 degrees Fahrenheit), these crucibles are ideal for demanding scientific applications.

United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles are designed for superior performance in high-temperature environments. These crucibles are made of clear quartz material that endures intense temperature stresses and broad changes in temperature. With a capacity of 25 ml, these crucibles are equipped with dimensions that offer easy usage to lab personnel. The height of the crucible is 28mm, while the top outside diameter measures at 47mm.

For utmost convenience, the lids for these United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles are also designed from quartz and sold separately. The unique features of these crucibles not only include their heat resistance, but their ability to be produced in custom sizes as per your lab's requirements.

In addition, the crucibles come in a pack of two, allowing lab users to conduct multiple experiments at once. This makes them the perfect choice for labs that deal with high volumes and want to streamline their working process. Whether you're dealing with high-temperature ashing applications or other similar processes that deal with intense heat and temperature changes, the United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles are the perfect tool for the job.

In closing, if you're looking for high-quality crucibles for your laboratory, then the United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles are the first choice. Durable, efficient, and easy to use with a range of applications, these crucibles will aid you in achieving the best science results.


 United Scientific CGQ025 Crucibles, glass, 25ml (crucible only)

Crucibles, glass, 25ml (crucible only)