Cork stoppers, #16 (pk of 100)

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The United Scientific CST16 Cork Stoppers are the perfect solution for any laboratory that requires a reliable and versatile stopper for their experiments. These stoppers come in a pack of 100, making them ideal for large labs or experiments that require multiple stoppers.

The grade XXX tapered cork stoppers are made of high-quality cork, ensuring their reliability and durability. The stoppers are highly effective for both liquid and solid mediums, providing a long-lasting and secure seal for your experiments. Their light weight, resilience, and compressibility make them easy to handle and insert, while their chemically inert and moisture-resistant properties make them ideal for a wide range of experiments.

The CST16 Cork Stoppers are designed to fit the most common labware, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of instruments. With a stopper size of 16, height of 38mm, top diameter of 35mm, and bottom diameter of 27mm, they are capable of fitting a range of flasks, test tubes, and other glassware.

The precise design of these stoppers ensures that they are easy to use and provide a consistent and reliable seal. Their tapered shape makes them easy to insert, while the compressed cork material ensures a tight seal that will not leak or compromise the integrity of your experiment.

In conclusion, the United Scientific CST16 Cork Stoppers are a must-have for any laboratory that requires a versatile, reliable, and high-quality stopper for their experiments. With their excellent sealing properties, compatibility with different labware, and durable construction, these stoppers are sure to become an essential tool for any lab that demands high-performance equipment.


 United Scientific CST16 Cork stoppers, #16 (pk of 100)

Cork stoppers, #16 (pk of 100)