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Coring Table for A.M.P.T Samples

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The HMA LAB SUPPLY SPT-4000 Coring Table for A.M.P.T samples is a dependable and efficient tool designed for preparing samples in the most precise and accurate manner. This stand mounted coring table is equipped with a powerful 1.5 HP electric core drill motor, ensuring smooth and consistent drilling performance.

Included with the coring table is a 4.25-inch OD drill bit, specifically selected to produce a perfect 4-inch A.M.P.T sample every time. This ensures that your samples are of the highest quality and meet the required specifications. Additionally, a recirculating water pump is provided to ensure proper cooling of the drill bit during the coring process. The mounting bracket allows for easy and secure installation of the coring table.

To enhance convenience and ease of use, the coring table comes with a clamp that securely holds the 150mm pill in place. This minimizes the possibility of any movement or dislodgement during the coring process, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Furthermore, a built-in splash guard prevents any water or debris from splashing onto the user, maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

In order to prioritize the safety of the user, the coring table is complete with a protective face mask. This ensures that the operator is shielded from any potential hazards during the coring process, such as flying debris or water particles. The protective face mask is an essential addition to the coring table and provides peace of mind to the user.

Every HMA LAB SUPPLY SPT-4000 Coring Table for A.M.P.T samples is built to order, ensuring that each unit is tailored to meet your specific requirements. This guarantees that you will receive a product that is reliable, high-performing, and built to last.

Invest in the HMA LAB SUPPLY SPT-4000 Coring Table for A.M.P.T samples and experience the efficiency, precision, and reliability it brings to your sample preparation process.
 HMA Lab Supply SPT-4000 Coring Table for A.M.P.T Samples

Coring Table for A.M.P.T Samples