Concavity slides, glass, thick, 3 concavities, pk/12

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The United Scientific CSTK03 Concavity slides offer a high-quality solution for laboratory work that requires deep concavities. These pre-cleaned slides are made of thick sheet glass, making them durable and long-lasting, and feature three spherical concavities that are 16mm in diameter and 0.8mm deep. Whether you're conducting biological tests or studying microscopic organisms, these slides are an excellent choice for your needs.

These concavity slides are 75mm x 25mm in size, making them perfect for use with most microscopes. They're designed to be easy to handle and have ground edges that allow for smooth movement across the stage of your microscope. The triple concavity option is particularly useful for efficient and organized tests.

The CSTK03 Concavity slides come in packs of 12, with four packs in each order, providing you with a total of 48 slides. This makes them an excellent choice for labs with multiple users or for conducting large-scale experiments. Each slide is pre-cleaned, ensuring that they're ready to use straight out of the box.

These slides are also designed with quality in mind. The sheet glass used in their construction is of high quality, which ensures that they're durable and can withstand the rigors of repeated use. The thickness of each slide adds an extra layer of protection against damage, ensuring longevity and reliability.

If you need concavity slides for laboratory work, the United Scientific CSTK03 Concavity slides in packs of 12 are a perfect choice. They're easy to use, durable, and offer excellent value for money, making them a must-have for any laboratory.


 United Scientific CSTK03 Concavity slides, glass, thick, 3 concavities, pk/12

Concavity slides, glass, thick, 3 concavities, pk/12