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CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness with rear tie in

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The CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness with rear tie in is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or professional climber. This chest harness is specifically designed for program use, providing maximum safety and security during your adventures.

With its bright red tie in point in both the front and rear, you can trust that this harness will keep you securely attached to your rope or climbing gear. The tie in point is highly visible, allowing for easy identification and reducing the risk of mistakes or accidents.

What sets this chest harness apart is its unique design. All the buckles are located at the back of the harness, ensuring that all adjustments are kept away from sensitive areas. This not only increases comfort but also eliminates the risk of buckles becoming caught on obstacles or interfering with your movements.

To further enhance safety and ensure a secure fit, all the buckles are double-passed. This means that they go through two loops, making them incredibly secure and preventing any slippage or loosening. You can have peace of mind knowing that this harness will stay on and stay tight throughout your activities.

It's important to note that this chest harness is designed to be used in conjunction with a seat harness. The CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness is one size fits most, accommodating a wide range of body types and sizes. Its lightweight design, weighing in at just 0.80lbs, ensures that it won't add unnecessary bulk or weigh you down during your adventures.

Furthermore, the rear tie in point of this harness is rated at an impressive 6500lbs. This means that it can withstand substantial forces and provides an added layer of security during your climbing or rappelling activities.

Overall, the CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness with rear tie in is a reliable and durable option for climbers of all levels. Its program-specific design, comfortable fit, and impressive weight capacity make it an essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about their outdoor pursuits.
 CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness with rear tie in

CMI HAR37 Program Chest Harness with rear tie in