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The CMI EDGE Roller is an innovative solution to the common problem of rope friction during pulls. Unlike traditional edgerollers, this cutting-edge product utilizes sealed ball bearings, providing an incredibly smooth rope pull with minimal friction.

At just 2 ¼" tall, this low profile unit is designed for convenience and practicality. It allows litters to be easily raised over the unit, ensuring a smooth and stable pull of ropes over various types of edges. Whether you’re navigating 90-degree building edges, boulders, cliffs, or any other challenging terrain, the CMI EDGE Roller is your go-to tool.

Versatility is key with this product. It can easily be wrapped around steel beams, with the ends secured using carabiners, making it adaptable to a range of applications. No matter the task at hand, the CMI EDGE Roller is designed to make your job easier.

Storage and deployment are hassle-free with the CMI EDGE Roller, as it conveniently folds up into a 7" cube. This compact design allows for easy transportation and ensures that it won’t take up unnecessary space when not in use.

Built to last, the sideplates of the CMI EDGE Roller are manufactured using a high strength aluminum alloy. This guarantees durability and longevity, even in the toughest conditions.

Need to cover longer distances? No problem. The CMI EDGE Roller also offers the option to add additional double roller units for increased length. Each additional unit adds an extra 10" to the overall length, providing you with the flexibility needed to tackle any rope pull challenge.

Say goodbye to friction and hello to smooth, efficient rope pulls with the CMI EDGE Roller. Experience the benefits of using an edgeroller that utilizes advanced ball bearing technology to revolutionize the way you work.
 CMI EDGE Roller