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CMI ANCHOR1 40" Base Anchor Sling (orange only)

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The CMI Anchor1 40" Base Anchor Sling is a must-have for climbers seeking a reliable and adjustable anchor solution. This versatile sling is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing and features stitched pockets for a secure and convenient connection. The design of this anchor sling was created by a climber for climbers, ensuring that it meets the specific needs and demands of the sport.

Gerry Garcia, the original designer of this anchor sling, has a deep understanding of the challenges climbers face in the field. The CMI Anchor1 40" Base Anchor Sling is a testament to his expertise. With a length of 40 inches, this sling is perfectly sized for use as a false crotch redirect in a choking configuration, allowing climbers to tie into hard-to-reach places where a natural crotch isn't available.

The sewn pockets of this anchor sling provide versatility and ease of use. Instead of relying on knots, climbers can simply choose the desired length by utilizing the sewn pockets, offering a quick and efficient setup. Additionally, the sling can accommodate a carabiner or a favorite pulley, enabling climbers to create a low friction cambium saver in a cradle or choked off limb.

Durability and strength are paramount when it comes to anchor slings, and the CMI Anchor1 40" Base Anchor Sling excels in both categories. The pockets have a rating of 2,000lbs for pocket strength and an impressive overall strength rating of 10,000lbs. The stainless steel ring used in this anchor sling is also rated for 10,000lbs, ensuring that climbers can trust the equipment with their safety.

The CMI Anchor1 40" Base Anchor Sling is available in a striking orange color, providing high visibility in various outdoor environments. Whether you're a professional climber or an avid outdoor enthusiast, this anchor sling will quickly become a go-to item in your gear collection. Embrace the reliability and versatility of the CMI Anchor1 40" Base Anchor Sling to enhance your climbing experience and tackle new challenges with confidence.
 CMI ANCHOR1 40" Base Anchor Sling (orange only)

CMI ANCHOR1 40" Base Anchor Sling (orange only)