Cl3 ANSI Parka Lime Size 2xl

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The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 16370-138-5 CL3 ANSI PARKA LIME SIZE 2XL is a high-quality and durable parka designed to keep workers visible and protected in low light conditions. This lime-colored parka is made of tough and water-resistant material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor jobs such as construction, roadwork, and transportation.

The parka features a Class 3 ANSI rating, ensuring that workers are visible from all angles, even in environments with low visibility. This rating is crucial in ensuring the safety of workers who are constantly exposed to potential hazards such as moving vehicles and heavy machinery. The lime color also adds to the parka's visibility, ensuring that workers stand out and can be easily seen.

The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 16370-138-5 CL3 ANSI PARKA LIME SIZE 2XL comes in a 2/ea set, making it cost-effective and convenient for group purchases. The parka is designed with comfort in mind, with a spacious 2XL size that allows for easy movement and provides enough room for wearing additional layers in colder weather. The parka's cuffs and waist are adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Cleaning and maintenance of the parka is simple, with the water-resistant material easily wipeable and machine washable for a no-fuss clean. This high-visibility parka truly delivers in terms of durability, practicality, and comfort, making it an essential safety item for outdoor workers in low light conditions. Get your MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 16370-138-5 CL3 ANSI PARKA LIME SIZE 2XL today and keep your team safe and visible on the job!


 Mutual Industries 16370-138-5 Cl3 ANSI Parka Lime Size 2xl

Cl3 ANSI Parka Lime Size 2xl