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Carter Day Dockage Tester Sieve, 14/64in Round Hole

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Carter Day Dockage Testers

Designed by Carter-Day to meet specifications of the USDA, the Carter-Day Dockage Tester provides accurate and uniform tests of grain samples for dockage. It is the official testing machine used in Federal Grain Inspection Service offices of USDA-AMS/FGIS, the department's licensed inspectors, state grain inspection offices, Canadian Grain Commission and worldwide throughout the commercial grain grading and inspection system.

Official procedures have been established for testing Wheat, Corn, Barley, Rye, Flaxseed, Rice and grain Sorghums. Instructions on the proper riddles and sieves to use, along with their procedures for testing these grains are furnished with the tester and can also be found on the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service website.

The Carter-Day Dockage Tester is manufactured in the USA and includes a sound reduction feature by using noise abatement materials in the side plates, cover plates and drive guard. Additionally a ‘quiet motor’ has been added. Also available is a swivel caster kit which allows the operator to move the Dockage Tester from one location to another, or just out of the way in an office environment. The casters retract into the base so the tester can be leveled with the four adjustment legs.

The Carter-Day Dockage Tester with noise reduction is furnished complete with a 1/2HP electric motor.


  • Net wt: 425–475 lbs (weight varies depending on sieves and riddles).
  • Actual dims: 27" (L) x 41" (W) x 55" (H)
  • Ship wt: 425 lbs, Ship dims: 44" (L) x 32" (W) x 62" (H).
  • Export wt: 585 lbs, Export dims: 36" (L) x 46" (W) x 65" (H).


  • CDT/B: Carter Dockage Tester XT7 With Noise Reduction, 115v 50/60hz
  • CDT/C: Carter Dockage Tester XT7 With Noise Reduction, 220v 50/60hz

Note: domestic/export crating must be selected with the items above.

  • CDT/EX: Export Crating For C-D Dockage Tester


  • 440586: Dockage Tester Retractable Caster Kit For Factory Install
  • RFA-ZR2: Dockage Tester Rice Feeding Attachment

Riddle Parts

  • 000-R: Dockage Tester No. 000 Riddle, Flax
  • 1-R: Dockage Tester No. 1 Riddle, Spring Wheat
  • 2-R: Dockage Tester No. 2 Riddle, Spring/Winter Wheat, Rye & Durum
  • 6-R: Dockage Tester No. 6 Riddle, 9/64in x 3/4in Slot Step, Barley
  • 8-R: Dockage Tester No. 8 Riddle, 5/16in Round Step, Soybeans
  • 11-R: Dockage Tester No. 11 Riddle 7/64in Round Hole, Rice
  • 12-R: Dockage Tester No. 12 Riddle, Large Sunflower Riddle Assembly, Edible Confectionery
  • 13-R: Dockage Tester No. 13 Riddle, Small Sunflower Riddle Assembly, Oil
  • 25-R: Dockage Tester No. 25 Riddle, Large Wheat, Rye & Durum

Sieve Parts

  • D-S KIT: Dockage Tester Double Corn Sieve Conversion Kit
  • D-S: Dockage Tester Double Corn Sieve 12/64in Round Over 6/64in Round
  • BLANK-S: Dockage Tester Blank Sieve W/ No Perforations
  • 1-S: Dockage Tester No. 1 Sieve, 2-1/2/64in (.039in) Round Hole, Grain Sorghum
  • 2-S: Dockage Tester No. 2 Sieve, 5/64in (.078in) Round Hole, Wheat
  • 3-S: Dockage Tester No. 3 Sieve, 12/64in (.1875in) Round Hole, Corn
  • 4-S: Dockage Tester No. 4 Sieve .064in x 3/8in Slot Hole, Flax From Wheat
  • 5-S: Dockage Tester No. 5 Sieve, 4-1/2/64in x 15/32in Slot Hole, Flax, Chess From Wheat
  • 6-S: Dockage Tester No. 6 Sieve, 5/64in (.078in) Triangle Hole, Inscribed Circle
  • 7-S: Dockage Tester No. 7 Sieve, 4-1/2/64in (.070in) Round Perforated, Flax
  • 8-S: Dockage Tester No. 8 Sieve (.089in) DBL Triangle, Inscribed Circle
  • 9-S: Dockage Tester No. 9 Sieve, .070in x15/32in Oblong Over 1/12in (0.83in) Round, Swaged
  • 10-S: Dockage Tester No. 10 Sieve, 8/64in (.125in) Round Hole, Soybeans             
  • 11-S: Dockage Tester No. 11 Sieve, 1/20in (.050in) x 15/32in Slot Hole, Flax
  • 12-S: Dockage Tester No. 12 Sieve, 9/64in (.141in) x 3/4in Slot Hole, Soybeans
  • 13-S: Dockage Tester No. 13 Sieve, 1/12in Double Triangle, (.083)
  • 14-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 14/64in Round Hole
  • 15-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 13/64in Round Hole
  • 18-S: Dockage Tester No. 18 Sieve, 1/18in (0.55in) x 15/32in Slot
  • 20-S: Dockage Tester No. 20 Sieve, 6/64in (.094in) Round Hole, Rice
  • 21-S: Dockage Tester No. 21 Sieve, 7/64in (.109in) Round Hole, Rice
  • 22-S: Dockage Tester No. 22 Sieve, 3-7/8/64in x 15/32in Slot Hole, Rice
  • 23-S: Dockage Tester No. 23 Sieve, 4-7/8/64in x 3/4in Slot Hole, Rice
  • 24-S: Dockage Tester No. 24 Sieve, 5/64in (.078in) x 15/32in Slot Hole, Rice
  • 25-S: Dockage Tester No. 25 Sieve, 6/64in (.094in) x 15/32in Slot Hole, Rice
  • 26-S: Dockage Tester No. 26 Sieve, 6-1/2/64in (.102in) x 15/32in Slot Hole, Rice
  • 27-S: Dockage Tester No. 27 Sieve, 6-1/2/64in (.102in) Round Hole, Rice
  • 28-S: Dockage Tester No. 28 Sieve, 9/64in (.141in) Round Swaged Hole, Rice
  • 29-S: Dockage Tester No. 29 Sieve, 9-1/2/64in (.148in) Round Swaged Hole, Rice
  • 30-S: Dockage Tester No. 30 Sieve, 7/64in (.109in) Round Swaged Hole
  • 31-S: Dockage Tester No. 31 Sieve, 10/64in (.156in) Round Swaged Hole, Rice
  • 32-S: Dockage Tester Sieve 10/64in Round Hole
  • 33-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 10/64in x 3/4in Slot
  • 34-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 5.5/64in Round
  • 35-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 5 1/2/64 x 15/32 Slot
  • 37-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 9/64in Round
  • 42-S: Dockage Tester Sieve, 5/64in x 3/4in Slot
 Seedburo 14-S Carter Day Dockage Tester Sieve, 14/64in Round Hole

Carter Day Dockage Tester Sieve, 14/64in Round Hole