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Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel

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Bon Tool 11-247 Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel is an essential tool for professionals engaged in masonry work. This amazing trowel is perfect for scooping mortar from any container, be it a bucket or a mortar box. The blade's end is specially cut to fit into those tight spaces and cut down on the amount of wasted mortar. It's made of premium quality carbon steel, making it tough, resilient, and durable.

The blade's tapered design and width make it perfect for tucking mortar into seams when installing bricks, blocks or stones. The blade measures 5.5 inches on the wide end and tapers down to 33/8 inches at the narrow end. This makes it easy to manipulate the trowel into tricky corners while giving the user confidence in their ability to control the flow of mortar.

The Bon Tool 11-247 Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel comes with a sturdy wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip. The handle is designed to offer the user good balance to help keep the trowel steady during use. The wooden handle is an added advantage as it can absorb shock and reduces any chance of vibration, thus reducing the wear and tear on your hands.

This trowel can be used in any kind of weather or temperature without any damage occurring to the tool. Its robust design ensures that the trowel can be used for different masonry-related tasks, from spreading mortar to shaping bricks. It's perfect for any professional mason or DIY enthusiast.

In conclusion, whether you're a construction professional or a DIY enthusiast looking to get the job done right, the Bon Tool 11-247 Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel is a must-have tool. It's designed to be tough, durable, and efficient in every use, making it the perfect tool for all your masonry needs. Go ahead, purchase one today, and enjoy a product that's been designed to make your work easier and more efficient.


 Bon Tool 11-247 Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel

Carbon Steel Bucket Trowel

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