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Burette clamp, single

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The United Scientific CLBUR1N Burette Clamp is a versatile and reliable laboratory accessory that is essential for securely holding burettes while conducting chemical experiments. Made from high-quality aluminum, this clamp is incredibly durable and built to last. It features PVC covered spring jaws that provide a secure grip on the burette, preventing it from slipping or breaking during use. The clamp's design also makes it easy to attach and remove the burette quickly and conveniently.

The United Scientific CLBUR1N Burette Clamp is available in a single version that can hold a burette up to 35mm in diameter. This clamp can be used with support rods up to 1/2" O.D., making it ideal for various laboratory setups. Its lightweight, compact design also allows it to be easily transported and stored when not in use.

This clamp is perfect for chemistry labs, research centers, and educational institutions. It provides a stable and secure way to hold burettes during experiments, ensuring accurate measurements are obtained every time. The United Scientific CLBUR1N Burette Clamp is also easy to clean, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition, even after repeated use.

In summary, the United Scientific CLBUR1N Burette Clamp is an essential laboratory accessory that provides a secure and reliable way to hold burettes. Its durable construction, easy-to-use design, and compatibility with various support rods make it perfect for any laboratory setting. So, whether you are a student, researcher, or scientist, this clamp is a must-have tool for conducting precise chemical experiments.
 United Scientific CLBUR1N Burette clamp, single

Burette clamp, single