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The United Scientific OBLS01 Bulb Holder is an essential product for any physics laboratory. Designed for high school applications, it features a sturdy construction that ensures longevity and reliability. This bulb holder is made to hold light bulbs in position and keep them safe from damages.

The product comes in a pack of 36 bulbs, which gives you a great value for your money. Its overall design and versatility make it ideal for use in professional labs, classrooms, and at home. The innovative construction approach ensures that it can withstand rough handling and still remain functional.

What's more, the United Scientific OBLS01 Bulb Holder is easy to operate. It features simple screw-in bulb fixtures that will hold both small and large bulbs securely. This way, you can focus on your experiments and not have to worry about unstable bulbs that can cause accidents.

The manufacturer of this product takes safety very seriously. You'll notice a warning on the product label that advises against potential cancer and reproductive harm associated with its use. This is a standard notice on most products and shouldn't cause alarm or panic.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a versatile, reliable, and durable bulb holder, look no further than the United Scientific OBLS01 Bulb Holder. It is the perfect product that you can count on for all your physics experiments. Try it today and experience first-hand the quality of this product.


 United Scientific OBLS01 Bulb holder

Bulb holder