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Buchner funnel, porcelain, capacity 4800ml

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The United Scientific JBF4800 Buchner funnel is a high-quality porcelain funnel designed to handle heavy duty laboratory applications. With a capacity of 4800ml, this funnel is ideal for high volume filtration tasks.

The fixed perforated plates incorporated in the design ensure accurate and efficient filtration, reducing the chances of clogging or blockages and delivering excellent filtration results. The funnel is glazed on both the inner and outer surfaces except for the rims, providing durability and resistance to chemical corrosion.

The funnel measures 270mm in diameter and 352mm in height, with a stem length of 150mm. It is suitable for use with 24cm filter paper, providing ample space for filtration. The funnel is sold individually, offering users flexibility and convenience.

Whether used in research labs, industrial settings, or educational institutions, the United Scientific JBF4800 Buchner funnel delivers optimal performance and long-lasting durability. With its high capacity, efficient design, and porcelain construction, this funnel is an excellent choice for filtration projects of all kinds.
 United Scientific JBF4800 Buchner funnel, porcelain, capacity 4800ml

Buchner funnel, porcelain, capacity 4800ml