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Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds.

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Gar-Bro 4814, Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds.

The original vertical front bucket is ideal for use pouring columns and “bond beams.” The exclusive slide-on attachments feature easy removal and installation for a range of concrete placement solutions.


  • Easy to reach “V” gate levers on both sides of bucket
  • Vertical front cone
  • Slide-on attachments
  • Bottom frame tubes to prevent legs from sinking in soft ground
tem No. 4814

Rated Capacity Cu. Yds. 1/2

Level Capacity Cu. Ft 14.0

Loading Height Inches 47

Gate Size Inches 8 x 8

Weight Pounds 360

Bond Beam Buckets with Optional Fork Pockets Specifications & Dimensions

Bond Beam Buckets Brochure

The GAR-BRO 4814 Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds. is the perfect tool for pouring columns and bond beams with ease and precision. This innovative bucket features a vertical front cone design, ensuring accurate concrete placement every time. The convenient slide-on attachments allow for quick removal and installation, providing versatility for a variety of concrete placement solutions.

Designed with the user in mind, this concrete bucket boasts easy-to-reach “V” gate levers on both sides, making operation a breeze. The sturdy bottom frame tubes prevent legs from sinking into soft ground, ensuring stability and efficiency on the job site.

With a level capacity of 14.0 cubic feet and a loading height of 47 inches, this concrete bucket is both reliable and convenient. The gate size of 8 x 8 inches allows for smooth and controlled concrete discharge, while the overall weight of 360 pounds ensures durability and longevity.

For additional specifications and dimensions, refer to the provided PDF files for Bond Beam Buckets with Optional Fork Pockets, Bond Beam Buckets Specifications & Dimensions, and Bond Beam Buckets Tremie Attachments. Take advantage of the exclusive features and benefits of the GAR-BRO 4814 Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds. for your next construction project.

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 Gar-Bro 4814, Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds.

Bond Beam Concrete Bucket, 1/2 Cu. Yds.