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BinMaster 280-0072, Capacitance Probe Housing Gasket

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BinMaster 280-0072, Capacitance Probe Housing Gasket

Capacitance probe housing gasket

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Detect high and low levels while protecting valuable inventory with tried-and-true rotary level indicators from BinMaster. Made in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, following ISO-9001:2015 quality processes, BinMaster offers the widest variety of custom extensions, paddles, and mounting options available. Select from the fail-safe MAXIMA+, reliable BMRX, the popular BMR-100 Rotary Level Switch, or compact mini rotary – shipped fast and built to last.

Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos. Rotaries are wired to a horn, alarm or light panel to send an alert when material reaches the desired level. BinMaster's standard and fail-safe rotaries can be fit with a wide assortment of paddles and mounting plates, plus a compact mini-rotary is offered for constrained spaces. Extended rotaries for top mounting applications for high level detection, extensions for side mounting through thick bin walls, and stainless steel process connections for corrosive material ensure BinMaster has the right rotary for challenging applications.

BinMaster has level instruments that measure bulk solids or liquid levels of any material bulk density, dielectric constant, or specific gravity.

Find level switches for point level measurement such as a rotary paddle bin level indicator, capacitive level switch, vibrating probe, pressure switch, or tilt switch.

BinMaster level controls is your direct source for your next radar level sensor, guided wave radar, or ultrasonic level sensor for continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring software including the BinMaster 3D level scanner.

 BinMaster 280-0072, Capacitance Probe Housing Gasket

BinMaster 280-0072, Capacitance Probe Housing Gasket