Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 100ml, case of 48

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The United Scientific BG1000-100-CASE Beakers are a must-have laboratory item for any scientist or researcher. Made from low-expansion borosilicate glass, these 100ml beakers are of the highest quality and are built to last. With heavy and uniform wall thickness and spouts designed for easy pouring, these beakers are designed to provide precision and accuracy in all of your laboratory operations.

The beakers come with beaded tops, which allow for secure stacking and storage, making it easy to keep them organized. The 20ml and larger sizes also come with a double graduated metric scale and marking area, allowing you to take precise measurements and make detailed observations with ease.

The tolerance for the beakers is approximately +/- 5%, ensuring that the measurements you take are accurate and reliable. The BG1000-100 model features a capacity of 100ml and comes in a case of 48 beakers, making it easy to keep a large quantity of beakers on hand for all of your laboratory needs.

Whether you are a professional scientist working in a research lab or a student in a chemistry class, these beakers are an essential tool for any laboratory. They are durable, reliable and designed to provide precision and accuracy in all your experiments and observations. Get your hands on the United Scientific BG1000-100-CASE Beakers today and experience the ultimate in laboratory quality and performance.

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 United Scientific BG1000-100-CASE Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 100ml, case of 48

Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 100ml, case of 48