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Beakers, 5000ml

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The United Scientific 11117 Beakers are an excellent addition to any laboratory or educational setting. Made from high-quality polypropylene, these beakers provide exceptional clarity and outstanding chemical resistance. Autoclavable and long-lasting, these beakers are built to provide years of durable use.

Each beaker features raised graduations on the outer surface, making it easy to accurately measure liquids and solutions. The beakers also have tapered spouts for simple and precise pouring, even with larger volumes.

With a capacity of 5000ml and a graduation interval of 200ml, these beakers are perfect for a variety of scientific applications. Their oversized design makes them ideal for volumetric analysis and a variety of other laboratory procedures.

The properties of the glassware and plasticware ensure that there is no compromise when it comes to safety and containment.

Whether you are conducting experiments in the classroom or in a professional laboratory, the United Scientific 11117 Beakers are the perfect tool for accurate and easy liquid volume measurements. Each package contains three beakers, providing plenty of versatility and reliability for all of your scientific needs.

Invest in the United Scientific 11117 Beakers, and experience their exceptional quality, durability and reliability for yourself. These beakers will provide you with years of dependable service, helping you to achieve success in all of your scientific endeavors.

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 United Scientific 11117 Beakers, 5000ml (1 each)

Beakers, 5000ml