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ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 18.9 to 25.1C

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18.9 to 25.1C
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ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 18.9 to 25.1C

These liquid-in-glass thermometers have physical and performance characteristics identical to ASTM thermometers for their referenced applications, but have not yet been reviewed and accepted by ASTM for these purposes. They use a safe blue indicating liquid that is biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonhazardous. Dark blue color is easily read against the white-backed stem.

ASTM Number S116C

Temperature Range    18.9°— 25.1°C

Immersion      Total

Application      Tag Closed Low

Division           0.01°

Type    Non-Mercury

Length 24in (614mm)

Material Safety Data Sheet

To prevent fluid column separation, always store Non-Mercury Thermometers vertically, using a storage rack.

Thermometer Well provides protection and thermal stabilization for glass laboratory thermometers used in ovens or other exposed environments.

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The ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer is a reliable and safe choice for measuring temperature in various applications. This liquid-in-glass thermometer is designed with physical and performance characteristics identical to ASTM thermometers, ensuring accurate readings. While it has not yet been reviewed and accepted by ASTM for its referenced applications, its performance and safety features make it a trustworthy option.

The thermometer utilizes a safe blue indicating liquid that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. The dark blue color of the liquid makes it easy to read against the white-backed stem, ensuring accurate temperature measurements. With a temperature range of 18.9° to 25.1°C, this thermometer is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a length of 24 inches (614mm), the Non-Mercury Thermometer provides ample reach for temperature measurement. Its immersion is total, allowing for maximum contact with the substance being measured. The thermometer is also equipped with a low division of 0.01°, ensuring precise temperature readings.

To ensure its proper function and longevity, it is recommended to store the Non-Mercury Thermometer vertically using a storage rack. This prevents fluid column separation and helps maintain the accuracy of the thermometer over time.

For added protection and thermal stabilization in environments such as ovens, an optional Thermometer Well is available. This well provides a safe space for glass laboratory thermometers, preventing damage and ensuring accurate readings.

For those interested in exploring more options, the full line of ASTM Mercury Filled Thermometers and ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers is available. These thermometers are certified and designed for the highest level of accuracy and performance.

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Choose the ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer for accurate and safe temperature measurement in various applications.
ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 18.9 to 25.1C

ASTM S116C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 18.9 to 25.1C