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AMS 56803, 1" Regular Oversized Rep Tip

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The AMS 56803, 1" Regular Oversized Rep Tip is the perfect solution for those looking to replace the tip of their soil probe. This convenient and economical product allows you to increase the lifespan of your equipment, saving you time and money in the long run.

AMS replaceable tip soil probes are a popular choice among agronomists, soil scientists, environmental consultants, and farmers. With several different replacement tip options available, you can efficiently sample in a variety of soil conditions. By utilizing our regular, mud, clay, oversized, or serrated tips, you can increase your soil recovery and achieve more accurate results.

The regular tip is suitable for most soil conditions and comes standard with all AMS replaceable tip soil probes. If you're looking for easy removal from the soil and less disturbance to the sample, the regular tip (oversized) is the way to go. Its larger outer diameter allows for effortless removal while minimizing disruption.

The clay tip has the smallest inner diameter of all our replaceable tips. It enables the soil to expand inside the probe, making it ideal for clay and heavily compacted soils. If you often work in muddy or wet sandy conditions, the mud tip with its larger diameter is your best bet.

For heavily rooted soils, the serrated tip is the perfect tool. It assists the probe through roots, silage, and other obstructions, making sampling in these conditions a breeze. No matter the soil type or conditions you frequently encounter, AMS has the right replacement tip for you.

Investing in the AMS 56803, 1" Regular Oversized Rep Tip means investing in the longevity and efficiency of your soil probe. With our high-quality tips, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of your soil sampling. So why wait? Upgrade your equipment today and experience the benefits of AMS replaceable tip soil probes.
 AMS 56803, 1" Regular Oversized Rep Tip

AMS 56803, 1" Regular Oversized Rep Tip