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AMS 52952 Sub-Slab Vapor Shaft Tube

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The AMS 52952 Sub-Slab Vapor Shaft Tube is a high-quality solution for sampling volatile organic and inorganic compounds from beneath floor slabs. This product is specifically designed to facilitate sub-slab sampling and routine monitoring, which is crucial for vapor intrusion investigations.

The Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kit includes a durable stainless steel 3” implant, a rubber shaft plug, connectors, a top plug, and a 1/4” x 12” x 0.35” stainless steel tube. With this kit, you can easily collect samples directly from beneath the floor slab of a building, allowing for accurate assessment of potential contaminated vapor intrusion.

For added security, the Tamper-Resistant Sub-Slab GVP Kit is also available. This kit includes a 2" stainless steel tamper-resistant top cap, providing an extra layer of protection to ensure the integrity of your samples.

In addition to the Sub-Slab GVP Kit and the Tamper-Resistant Sub-Slab GVP Kit, we offer the Sub-Slab GVP Installation Kit. This comprehensive kit includes five stainless steel 3” implants, five rubber shaft plugs, connectors, five top plugs, five hose barb adapters, five 1/4” x 12” x 0.35" stainless steel tubes, five tamper-resistant top caps, a mini stainless steel ball-valve adapter, a 1" x 16" x 21" SDS Max bit, a 2" x 3" x 16" SDS Max core bit, a screwdriver, and a tee-handle Allen wrench. With this installation kit, you'll have everything you need to set up multiple sub-slab vapor shaft tubes for ongoing monitoring and assessment.

The AMS 52952 Sub-Slab Vapor Shaft Tube and the accompanying kits are reliable and durable, designed to withstand the demands of rigorous sampling and monitoring. Trust AMS to provide you with the tools you need for accurate and effective vapor intrusion investigations.
 AMS 52952 Sub-Slab Vapor Shaft Tube

AMS 52952 Sub-Slab Vapor Shaft Tube