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AMS 424.51, 1 1/8in X 24in SST Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe

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This ensures that the liner fits snugly and securely inside the probe body, preventing any soil leakage or contamination during sampling.

The AMS 424.51 Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe has a diameter of 1 1/8 inches and a length of 24 inches. This makes it suitable for a wide range of soil sampling applications. The probe body is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The slotted design of the probe body allows for easy observation of the soil samples, providing valuable insights into the soil composition and structure.

The AMS Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe comes with a 10-inch cross handle, providing a comfortable grip and making it easy to penetrate the soil. The cross handle also allows for easy twisting and turning of the probe, ensuring thorough sampling.

Included with the probe is a plastic liner and two plastic end caps. These accessories are essential for maintaining the integrity of the soil samples and preventing any cross-contamination. The plastic liner is specially designed to fit snugly inside the probe body and extend from the top, making it easy to remove without disturbing the collected soil samples. The two plastic end caps seal the ends of the liner, preventing any soil loss or contamination during transportation and storage.

Whether you are a soil scientist, geologist, or environmental professional, the AMS 424.51 Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe is a versatile and reliable tool for soil sampling. Its dual-purpose design allows for sampling with or without liners, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs. With its durable construction and innovative features, this probe is built to withstand the rigors of fieldwork and deliver accurate soil samples every time.
 AMS 424.51, 1 1/8in X 24in SST Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe

AMS 424.51, 1 1/8in X 24in SST Dual Purpose Soil Recovery Probe