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AMS 418.16, .003" x 4" x 100' Perforated Roll of Fluoropolymer Film

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AMS 418.16 is a reliable and high-quality perforated roll of fluoropolymer film that can be used for a variety of purposes. This roll, measuring .003” in thickness, 4” in width, and 100’ in length, offers a convenient and versatile solution to seal or wrap samples for shipping or cover materials during dissection and examination.

With the AMS 418.16 perforated roll, you can easily seal samples in liners for secure transportation. Its perforated design allows you to tear off 4" x 4" swatches as needed, providing a convenient and efficient way to handle samples without the need for additional tools or equipment. The tear-off feature enables you to customize the size of the swatches according to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your samples.

Crafted from high-quality fluoropolymer film, this perforated roll offers exceptional durability and tear resistance. The film is designed to withstand rigorous handling, providing your samples with optimum protection during shipping or examination. Its impressive strength ensures that the film stays intact, safeguarding your samples from external elements or damage.

The AMS 418.16 perforated roll is easy to use, making it a practical choice for various applications. Simply unroll the roll and tear off the desired swatch size. Whether you need to wrap and seal samples securely or cover a surface for analysis, this film roll offers versatility and convenience.

Not only is the AMS 418.16 perforated roll functional, but it is also affordable. Cost-effective yet reliable, this product offers excellent value for money. With 100’ of film on a single roll, you can accomplish multiple tasks without worrying about running out of material.

Choose the AMS 418.16, .003" x 4" x 100' perforated roll of fluoropolymer film for all your sample sealing and wrapping needs. Its convenient tear-off functionality, durability, and affordable price make it a practical choice for laboratories, research facilities, and shipping companies. Ensure the safety and integrity of your samples with this reliable and versatile film roll.
 AMS 418.16, .003" x 4" x 100' Perforated Roll of Fluoropolymer Film

AMS 418.16, .003" x 4" x 100' Perforated Roll of Fluoropolymer Film