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AMS 409.8 Hollowstem Auger Kit Complete

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The AMS 409.8 Hollowstem Auger Kit Complete is a portable and versatile tool that is perfect for reaching a depth of 6 feet. It is specifically designed for soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling through a cased hole. With this kit, you will have everything you need to collect accurate and reliable samples.

The augers included in the kit are capable of cutting a 3" diameter hole, providing ample space for sample collection. The augers also have an inner diameter of 1 1/8", making them ideal for various sampling purposes. Additionally, the kit includes a special Hollowstem soil probe that is 7/8" in outer diameter and 24" long. This soil probe is equipped with a slide hammer, allowing for easy collection of soil samples through the auger.

The AMS gas vapor probes can also be used with these augers telescopically, further enhancing their versatility. This allows for efficient and comprehensive sampling of both soil and soil gas. Furthermore, with the included bailers, measuring up to 1" in diameter, groundwater samples can also be collected effortlessly.

In addition to the augers and probes, the Hollowstem Auger Kit includes a high-quality DeWalt D25763K- 2" SDS Max Combination Hammer Drill. This drill is essential for drilling the access hole and ensuring a secure and stable foundation for sampling. The kit also includes a slide hammer, flighted lead auger, flighted extension, two 5/8" x 3' extensions, hard surfaced tip, wrenches, nylon brush, and a deluxe carrying case to keep everything organized and conveniently portable.

One of the key features of the Hollowstem Auger Kit is its ability to prevent cross-contamination with a cased access hole. This ensures that the samples collected are representative of the specific area being tested, providing accurate and reliable data.

The AMS 409.8 Hollowstem Auger Kit Complete is the ideal choice for professionals in the field of environmental sampling. Its comprehensive range of tools and accessories, combined with its ease of use and portability, make it an essential tool for any sampling project requiring soil, soil gas, or groundwater analysis.
 AMS 409.8 Hollowstem Auger Kit Complete

AMS 409.8 Hollowstem Auger Kit Complete