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AMS 403.53, 2" X 6" Split SCS w/Auger Tip

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The AMS 403.53 is a versatile and efficient sampling tool that combines convenience with precision. Designed with a split SCS (split spoon sampler) and an auger tip, this product ensures reliable and accurate soil sampling.

With its 2" X 6" size, the AMS 403.53 offers an ideal diameter and length for extracting soil samples in various environments. Whether you are conducting environmental assessments, geotechnical investigations, or soil testing for agricultural purposes, this tool is a valuable addition to your sampling equipment.

The split SCS design allows for easy retrieval of undisturbed soil samples. By splitting open the sampler, you can examine the stratigraphy and integrity of the sample, ensuring accurate analysis and interpretation of soil composition. The auger tip enhances the effectiveness of the sampler, enabling efficient penetration into different soil types, from loose and sandy to compact and clayey.

Built with high-quality materials, the AMS 403.53 is durable and long-lasting. The strong construction ensures that the sampler can withstand the rigors of fieldwork, providing reliable performance for every sampling task. The tool is also designed with a common connection type, ensuring compatibility with other AMS samplers that you may already have in your collection.

Using the AMS 403.53 is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply attach the sampler to your sampling equipment, insert it into the soil, and extract a clean and undisturbed sample. The split SCS and auger tip work together seamlessly, allowing for efficient sampling even in challenging soil conditions.

Whether you are a geologist, soil scientist, or environmental consultant, the AMS 403.53 is an indispensable tool for your soil sampling needs. Its versatility, precision, and durability make it an excellent investment that will greatly enhance your fieldwork and data collection. With the AMS 403.53, you can confidently gather soil samples and obtain reliable results for your various projects and applications.

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 AMS 403.53, 2" X 6" Split SCS w/Auger Tip

AMS 403.53, 2" X 6" Split SCS w/Auger Tip