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AMS 402.24, 3 1/4in Professional Soil Sampling Kit

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The AMS 402.24, 3 1/4in Professional Soil Sampling Kit is the ultimate tool for soil sampling professionals. Designed with durability and strength in mind, this kit provides the strongest connection on all of its components, including augers, extensions, handles, hammers, and samplers. It is the newest and most impressive soil sampling kit offered by AMS.

Included in the professional series sampling kit are a 3/4in threaded professional regular auger and mud auger, along with three 4ft extensions, an 18in rubber-coated cross handle, a 10 lb. slide hammer, a split-core sampler, plastic liner, end caps, a rock breaker kit, cleaning brush, slip wrench, and two adjustable crescent wrenches. All of these components fit conveniently into the AMS deluxe carrying case, which features handles and wheels for easy portability.

What sets the AMS professional series apart is the increased strength and durability of its components. The augers have been reinforced with thicker cutting teeth and stronger welds, as well as extra tungsten carbide hard surfacing. They also feature additional gussets to prevent bending or twisting when faced with challenging soils or deep holes.

The 3/4in threaded extensions are constructed using larger diameter chrome molybdenum tubing and coated with a rust-resistant safety orange finish. The redesigned 10 lb. slide hammer now features a more reliable 3/4in-diameter inner slide bar, ensuring its durability and longevity. The split-core sampler caps have also been improved, with a thicker top cap that matches the larger 3/4in threaded female connection of the slide hammer for enhanced durability.

With the AMS 402.24, 3 1/4in Professional Soil Sampling Kit, soil sampling professionals can trust that they have the strongest and most durable tools at their disposal. Whether faced with hard or rocky soils, or in need of sampling at great depths, this kit will deliver reliable and accurate results. Its components are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making it the go-to choice for professionals in the field.
 AMS 402.24, 3 1/4in Professional Soil Sampling Kit

AMS 402.24, 3 1/4in Professional Soil Sampling Kit