AMS 401.93, 2 3/4" Edelman Course Sand Auger w/QC

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The AMS 401.93, 2 3/4" Edelman Course Sand Auger w/QC is an essential tool for professionals in the field of soil composition, profile study, and soil mapping. Engineered for use in non-cohesive, dry, sandy soils, this auger is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of these challenging soil types.

The Edelman Coarse Sand Auger is equipped with blades that are extended with extra wings, creating an almost closed auger. This construction allows for optimal sampling in sandy soil conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The bits of the auger are crafted from durable, hand-forged steel, which not only enhances its strength but also prevents soil contamination during sample collection.

AMS has collaborated with Eijkelkamp, a renowned name in the industry, to develop this new line of AMS Edelman Augers. By combining Eijkelkamp's expertise in auger bodies with AMS's versatile connection systems, the AMS 401.93 offers the best of both worlds. This collaboration ensures that users can enjoy the superior quality and performance of Eijkelkamp auger bodies with the convenience and compatibility of AMS connection systems.

It is important to note that the AMS 401.93 features a Quick-Connect (QC) connection type. It is crucial to ensure that any AMS samplers that you plan to use together have a common connection type to ensure proper compatibility and efficient usage.

With the AMS 401.93, professionals can gather precise soil samples in harsh sandy soil conditions with ease. This auger is created to withstand the rigors of environmental conditions while delivering accurate results. Whether you are studying soil composition, profiling, or mapping, this Edelman Coarse Sand Auger is a trustworthy tool that meets the demands of the job.

Invest in the AMS 401.93, 2 3/4" Edelman Course Sand Auger w/QC and experience the reliability, durability, and versatility it offers. Enhance your soil research and analysis with this high-quality auger designed to tackle the unique challenges of non-cohesive, dry, sandy soils. Trust in AMS and Eijkelkamp's collaboration to deliver the best tools for your soil sampling needs.


 AMS 401.93, 2 3/4" Edelman Course Sand Auger w/QC

AMS 401.93, 2 3/4" Edelman Course Sand Auger w/QC