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AMS 401.02, 7/8in X 21in Plated Soil Probe w/Handle

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The AMS 401.02, 7/8in X 21in Plated Soil Probe with Handle is a reliable and durable tool for soil sampling. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this soil probe features a window slot in the cylinder, allowing for easy sample recovery. With this innovative design, users can quickly and effortlessly retrieve soil samples without any hassle.

Unlike other soil probes that require a liner, the AMS Regular Soil Probe is used without one, making it a convenient option for soil sampling. This product is available in two diameters and three lengths, providing users with options to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a smaller or larger diameter, or a shorter or longer length, there is a perfect AMS Regular Soil Probe for you.

To ensure long-lasting durability, the AMS 401.02 Soil Probe is made with high-quality materials. You can choose between an unplated model, a rust-resistant nickel-plated model, or a stainless steel model, depending on your requirements. All AMS probes are designed with a sturdy construction that prevents bending or twisting out of shape, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Additionally, the AMS Regular Soil Probe includes a removable 10" cross-handle with corrosion-resistant properties. This handle is not only practical but also comfortable to hold, making your soil sampling tasks more manageable and enjoyable. With the combination of the probe's sturdy design and the ergonomic handle, you can confidently and effortlessly extract soil samples with precision.

Whether you are a professional soil scientist, landscaper, or avid gardener, the AMS 401.02, 7/8in X 21in Plated Soil Probe with Handle is an essential tool for your soil sampling needs. It is reliable, durable, and designed for easy sample recovery. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to obtaining accurate soil samples – choose the AMS Regular Soil Probe for outstanding performance and exceptional results.


 AMS 401.02, 7/8in X 21in Plated Soil Probe w/Handle

AMS 401.02, 7/8in X 21in Plated Soil Probe w/Handle

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