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AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits

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The AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits have been specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance in challenging drilling conditions. These mud bits are the ideal solution for professionals seeking precision and durability in their drilling operations. With their innovative design and superior construction, the AMS 400.31 mud bits are sure to exceed your expectations.


The AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits boast several notable features that set them apart from other drilling bits on the market. Firstly, their 2 1/4" size makes them perfect for various drilling applications, providing the ideal balance between flexibility and strength. These mud bits are versatile enough to handle different types of soil and rock formations effectively.

Made from high-quality materials, the AMS 400.31 mud bits are built to last. Their sturdy construction ensures optimal performance, even in the toughest drilling conditions. Additionally, the bits are engineered with precision and accuracy in mind, guaranteeing precise drilling without compromise. With these mud bits, you can rely on consistent and reliable results every time.

The AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits feature a unique design that allows for efficient mud flow during drilling. This design helps to prevent clogging and improve drilling speed, saving you both time and effort. The bits are also compatible with a variety of drilling rigs, making them suitable for professionals across different industries.


Investing in the AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits offers numerous benefits to professionals in the drilling industry. Firstly, their exceptional durability ensures they will withstand the rigors of demanding drilling projects, keeping you productive and minimizing downtime. The high-quality construction guarantees long-lasting performance, saving you money in the long run by eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

With their superior design and precision, the AMS 400.31 mud bits allow for accurate drilling, giving you complete control over your operations. This accuracy ultimately translates into higher efficiency, as you can navigate challenging soil and rock formations with ease. The bits' compatibility with various drilling rigs further enhances their versatility, making them a reliable choice for contractors and engineers alike.

In conclusion, the AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits are an excellent investment for professionals in need of a durable and precise drilling solution. Their innovative design, robust construction, and compatibility with different drilling rigs make them a reliable choice for tackling even the most challenging drilling projects. With the AMS 400.31 mud bits, you can achieve exceptional results while benefiting from long-lasting performance.
 AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits

AMS 400.31, 2 1/4" Mud Bits