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AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension

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The AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension is a highly durable and reliable product designed to enhance your sampling experience. This extension is built with precision and craftsmanship, ensuring maximum strength and torque resistance. With its welded fittings, you can trust that this extension will withstand even the toughest conditions.

Featuring the Signature Series in yellow zinc coated chrome molybdenum, this extension offers superior rust resistance, making it suitable for various outdoor environments. You can count on this extension to withstand exposure to moisture, preventing any potential damage or corrosion.

This extension is available in two options: Threaded Extensions and Quick Connect Extensions. Both options are constructed with either chrome molybdenum or stainless steel to meet your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you prefer the added strength of chrome molybdenum or the corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel, AMS has got you covered.

To ensure compatibility, it is essential to verify that any AMS samplers you plan to use with this extension share a common connection type. This ensures a secure and efficient connection, allowing you to collect samples with confidence and ease.

With the AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension, you can take your sampling capabilities to new heights. No matter the type of terrain or weather conditions, this extension will remain sturdy and reliable, providing you with accurate and consistent results.

Invest in the AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension today and elevate your sampling experience. Whether you're a professional geologist, environmental consultant, or simply an outdoor enthusiast, this extension is a must-have tool in your arsenal. Trust in the quality and expertise of AMS to deliver exceptional performance for all your sampling needs.
 AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension

AMS 309.08, 3' QC Stainless Steel Extension