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AMS 301.79, 2 3/4" Telescoping Mud Auger Kit

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The AMS 301.79, 2 3/4" Telescoping Mud Auger Kit is the perfect tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike who require efficient and accurate soil sampling. This compact telescoping soil auger features an internal extension that effortlessly extends the sampler from a standard 4 feet to an impressive 8 feet with a simple push of a pin. With its innovative design, this kit provides unparalleled versatility and convenience.

When you purchase the AMS 301.79, you can expect a complete package that includes a comfortably gripped cross handle and an extendable extension piece. The telescoping auger is specifically designed for sampling to depths of 8 feet, allowing you to gather soil samples with precision and ease. The snap pins ensure a secure lock between the cross handle, the two concentric extendable extension pieces, and the bucket auger, providing stability during operation.

Portability is a top priority when it comes to the AMS 301.79. Measuring just 5 feet 4 inches in length and weighing between 5 to 8 pounds, this kit is incredibly compact and lightweight. This makes it convenient for transportation to various job sites and effortless storage when not in use.

The soil auger heads of the AMS 301.79 are constructed with a stainless steel cylinder and high carbon steel bits. Additionally, the cutting edge is coated with tungsten carbide for exceptional durability and longevity. These features ensure that you can rely on the kit for extended use without compromise on performance or accuracy.

For an even more enhanced performance, we offer an optional 18" ratcheting cross handle that further facilitates the ease of use. This feature allows for a more comfortable and controlled grip, enabling you to tackle any soil sampling task with confidence and efficiency.

In conclusion, the AMS 301.79, 2 3/4" Telescoping Mud Auger Kit is a reliable and versatile tool that is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who require accurate soil sampling. With its telescoping design, lightweight construction, and durable materials, this kit is an essential addition to your toolkit. So whether you are conducting research, carrying out fieldwork, or simply exploring your surroundings, the AMS 301.79 is the perfect companion to help you gather soil samples effortlessly and efficiently.
 AMS 301.79, 2 3/4" Telescoping Mud Auger Kit

AMS 301.79, 2 3/4" Telescoping Mud Auger Kit