AMS 2106.3, .46" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer (case of 24)

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The AMS 2106.3, .46" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer is the ultimate solution to eliminate the hassle of decontamination and cleaning. With this inexpensive disposable bailer, you can save valuable time and effort while still ensuring accurate sample collection.

Designed with a translucent and clean body, this bailer allows for easy sample viewing, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have obtained the desired sample. Its clear PVC construction not only provides transparency but also offers a sturdier design compared to many other weighted bailers in the market.

Equipped with a reliable and efficient positive sealing check valve, the AMS 2106.3 bailer ensures that there is no loss of sample during recovery. This feature guarantees that every drop of the sample is securely captured, eliminating any potential inaccuracies or wastage.

In addition to the clear PVC option, we also offer the AMS 2106.3 bailer in translucent polyethylene or clear fluoropolymer construction. This versatility allows you to select the material that best suits your specific requirements and preferences.

Emptying the bailer is effortless, thanks to the easy pour top or the slow emptying device included with each bailer. Whether you prefer a quick pour or a more controlled and gradual emptying process, this bailer has got you covered.

With the AMS 2106.3, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of disposable bailers without compromising on quality. Each case includes 24 bailers, ensuring that you have an ample supply on hand for your sampling needs. Whether you are conducting environmental testing, groundwater monitoring, or any other sampling activity, this product is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of decontamination and cleaning and say hello to the AMS 2106.3, .46" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer (case of 24) – your reliable and cost-effective solution for accurate and efficient sample collection.


 AMS 2106.3, .46" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer (case of 24)

AMS 2106.3, .46" x 3' Clear PVC Bailer (case of 24)