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AMS 2100.38, 18 X 275' Twisted Nylon Twine

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The AMS 2100.38 is a versatile and durable twisted nylon twine that measures 18 X 275'. This high-quality twine is designed to meet all your tying and securing needs, making it an essential tool for various applications. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this twisted nylon twine is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance.

Made from premium quality nylon fibers, this twine offers superior strength and durability. The twisted construction ensures increased resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Whether you need to secure items together, create loops, or tie down equipment, this twine can handle it all with ease.

With a length of 275', this twine provides you with ample material to tackle multiple projects without running out. The 18 X gauge thickness adds to its strength while still offering flexibility for easy handling and tying. This twine is incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications such as construction, landscaping, gardening, crafting, and more.

The vibrant color of this twisted nylon twine enhances visibility, making it easy to locate and identify even in dimly lit areas. Its high visibility also makes it suitable for safety applications, allowing you to mark or highlight hazardous areas or objects.

The AMS 2100.38 twisted nylon twine features excellent resistance to moisture, mildew, and UV rays. This means that it can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability. You can depend on this twine to retain its strength and integrity even when subjected to outdoor elements.

Furthermore, this twisted nylon twine is easy to handle and tie, providing you with a hassle-free experience. Its smooth surface prevents snagging or binding, allowing you to achieve secure and tight knots effortlessly.

Invest in the AMS 2100.38, 18 X 275' Twisted Nylon Twine and never be without a reliable and versatile tying solution. Experience the strength, durability, and convenience this twine has to offer and elevate your projects to new heights.
 AMS 2100.38, 18 X 275' Twisted Nylon Twine

AMS 2100.38, 18 X 275' Twisted Nylon Twine