AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert

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The AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert is a versatile and efficient tool designed for soil sampling and sample extraction. Made with high-quality 300 series stainless steel and a 400 series stainless steel drive tip, this barbed insert is built to withstand the rigors of soil sampling.

This barbed insert is specifically designed to be driven into the soil and opened for sample extraction. It can be easily removed for subsequent use, making it a cost-effective and convenient option for professionals in the field. Whether you're collecting soil vapor samples or conducting a survey, the AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert is a reliable and effective tool.

To use the AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert, simply drive it into the soil to the desired sampling depth using an AMS slide hammer or electric rotary hammer. Once in place, the barbed insert can be connected to the surface using fluoropolymer tubing. This setup ensures a secure and reliable connection for sample extraction.

The sampler features a retractable gas vapor probe extension string, which can be easily opened by retracting it an inch or so. This action exposes the sampling ports, which are protected by a mesh screen to prevent debris from entering the sample. This innovative design ensures accurate and reliable sample collection.

Once the soil sample has been collected, the sampler can be closed by simply pushing down on the drive string. This straightforward and user-friendly process allows for easy and efficient sample extraction.

The AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert is a trusted tool in the field of soil sampling. Its durability, ease of use, and innovative design make it a top choice for professionals who require precise and accurate sample collection. Invest in the AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert and experience the convenience and reliability it offers in your soil sampling endeavors.


 AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert

AMS 210.05 Barbed Insert