Ammeter, dc, 0-50ma/0-500ma / 0-5a

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The United Scientific MAM001 Ammeter, dc, 0-50ma/0-500ma / 0-5a (5/ea) is the perfect tool for all of your electrical measurement needs. Made by United Scientific, a trusted name in scientific instruments and laboratory supplies, this ammeter measures direct current (DC) and has a range of 0-50 milliamps (mA), 0-500mA, and 0-5 amps (A).

What sets this ammeter apart is its precision and ease of use. Each meter comes in a black plastic case and measures 75mm in scale length, ensuring that it is both durable and easy to read. Plus, it has an accuracy of +/- 2.5%, which means that you can trust its readings to be reliable and consistent. The five-way binding post and external calibrating screw make it easy to connect and calibrate, saving you time and effort.

One of the great features of the United Scientific MAM001 Ammeter is that it is stackable for storage. This makes it simple to store multiple meters in a small space, making it ideal for anyone with limited storage space. However, it's important to note that these meters are not designed to withstand prolonged or significant overload, so take care when using the device.

All in all, the United Scientific MAM001 Ammeter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an accurate and reliable measuring tool for their electrical needs. Whether you are a professional electrician, scientist, or hobbyist, this meter is sure to serve you well in all of your measurement needs.


 United Scientific MAM001 Ammeter, dc, 0-50ma/0-500ma / 0-5a

Ammeter, dc, 0-50ma/0-500ma / 0-5a