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Advantech 8in Sieve, All Brass, Half Height, #50

Price $90.98
Sieve Frame Diameter:
Mesh Opening Size:
No.50 (300 micrometer)
All Brass
Frame Height:
Half Height
Mesh Size Range:
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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Advantech 8" Diameter ASTM Test Sieves

Advantech use a measurement system for its fine, medium and coarse woven wire cloth that’s traceable to NIST standards and label each sieve for traceability. Die-formed frames assure a proper fit, superior quality and performance, guaranteeing that the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications are always met.

All Advantech Test Sieves are serialized to meet the highest grade quality assurance systems for traceability of measurement devices. The serial number is etched on each sieve, and contained in a bar-coded label, tracing vital information such as:

  • When testing sieve was manufactured.
  • Which lot of wire cloth was used to manufacture each test sieve.
  • Date order was shipped, including all pertinent information from your purchase order.

With each test sieve comes a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE applicable to ASTM E 11 specifications bearing the serial number of your laboratory sieve and the ship date. All safeguards are in place to support and ensure your quality assurance program.

* 1/8" Wire cloth is available but is not currently part of the ASTM E 11 Specifications.

Sieve Specifications

  • U.S. Std Mesh Size: #50
  • Description: #50 BR/BR 8" Half Height
  • Frame Material: Brass
  • Wire Cloth Material: Brass
  • Sieve Height: Half 

* Sieve Diameter: 8 inches
* Mesh Opening: 0.0117 inches
* Wire Diameter: 0.0110 inches

Advantech 8" Sieve is a high-quality test sieve designed for accurate particle size analysis. This sieve meets the stringent ASTM specifications and is the perfect tool for laboratories and industries that require precise and reliable results.

The 8-inch diameter sieve is made from durable and corrosion-resistant brass material, ensuring its longevity and accuracy over time. The die-formed frame provides a proper fit and superior quality, guaranteeing that the sieve meets ASTM standards. The brass wire cloth used in the sieve is finely woven to ensure accurate and consistent particle separation.

Each Advantech Test Sieve is serialized and labeled for traceability. The serial number, etched on each sieve, allows for easy identification and tracking. This information includes the manufacturing date, lot of wire cloth used, and shipment details. This ensures that the quality assurance program of your laboratory or industry is supported and enhanced.

To further ensure the highest level of quality, each test sieve comes with a Certificate of Compliance applicable to ASTM E 11 specifications. This certificate bears the serial number of the sieve and the date of shipment. With this certificate, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of your particle size analysis.

Please note that the Advantech 8" Sieve with #50 mesh size is designed specifically for fine particle separation. The mesh opening of 0.0117 inches allows for precise particle analysis. This sieve is not currently part of the ASTM E 11 specifications for 1/8" wire cloth.

In conclusion, the Advantech 8" Sieve is a dependable and accurate tool for particle size analysis. With its traceability, superior quality, and compliance with ASTM standards, this sieve is an essential component of any quality assurance program. Trust Advantech for your particle size analysis needs and achieve precise and reliable results.


 Advantech 50BB8H, 8in Diameter Half Height Sieve, Brass Frame, Brass Cloth, No.50

Advantech 8in Sieve, All Brass, Half Height, #50

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