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Adam TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance, 610g x 0.1g

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V002.TBB 610S

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The Adam Equipment TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance is a reliable and durable weighing instrument designed specifically for student use. Its rugged construction and security slot make it ideal for classroom environments, ensuring it can withstand daily use without the risk of theft. The balance is housed in sturdy metal, providing additional protection and longevity.

One of the key features of the TBB 610S is its grade 304 stainless steel pan. This allows for easy and swift cleaning, ensuring that the balance can be used repeatedly without the worry of contamination or residue. Additionally, the magnetic damping feature of the balance provides faster stability by slowing pointer movement, resulting in quicker and more accurate readings.

The TBB 610S is designed with user convenience in mind. Its notched, tiered, and graduated beams ensure positive positioning and precise reading of results. This makes it an excellent tool for teaching mass measurement concepts to students. The balance also comes equipped with tripod legs, which allow for density measurements. Additionally, it includes a weigh-below hook for below-balance weighing and holders for storing extra weights.

For added security and versatility, the TBB 610S features a security slot that allows for the use of an optional Kensington-type lock and cable to prevent theft. This provides peace of mind in classroom settings where valuable equipment may be at risk.

The Adam Equipment TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance offers a superb value for educators and students alike. With its durable construction, convenient features, and security measures, it is the ideal weighing instrument for teaching mass measurement concepts in classroom environments.

 Adam Equipment TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance, 610g x 0.1g

Adam TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance, 610g x 0.1g